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    • Destinations

      Mexican Caribbean Beach

      This page has been designed to help you with brief but, important information which can help you planning your trip. If you need further information please contact us.

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    • Ecotours

      Chichen Itza

      We are sure you want to complete your travel experience with cultural, ecological or adventure tours in this part of the world. In this section you can choose the best for you. Responsible travel agents and tour operators providers are waiting to help you and give options to inspire your travel style.

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    • Lodging


      Choose your eco-lodge or eco-resort in Cancun, Riviera Maya or Tulum. We will try to compile the best of Cancun and its surrounding. If you are interested in any of these resorts, please fill out the required information. We will contact you directly with any questions on your booking. The eco-lodge list will be updated frequently so visit often.

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  • Spa

    Riviera Maya Spa

    The chaotic world we live in, stressful jobs, living in big cities, etc, leave us with no time to pamper ourselves. What better way to relax and revitalize your body, mind and soul than with a magical spa experience.

    Choose your massage or spa service that better suits your individual needs. It's time for you to relax and enjoy the benefits of a harmonious experience...

    Spa Resorts in Cancun and Riviera Maya

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  • Harmony
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    • Harmony


      Admire the beauty of the Mexican Caribbean Ocean, turn your attention to the nature, calm your mind ... live in harmony.

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    • Yoga

      Cancun and Riviera Maya Yoga

      Yoga means “union” and is an ancient system of breathing practices, physical exercises and postures, and meditation intended to integrate the practitioner's body, mind, and spirit. Once you start practicing yoga, it will become a lifestyle for you.

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  • Ecology
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    • Ecology

      Cancun and Riviera Maya Ecology

      Whether you live in Cancun or surrounding areas, or you are a visitor, we all have the same responsibility, because our actions create an impact on the environment; let´s become part of a community with an ecology conscience that knows the importance of conserving our planet for the future of our beautiful tourist destination and worldwide.

      In this section we invite you to review the eco-tips, to participate in the blog with your suggestions and comments to think green and live green.

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    • Ecotips


      If you want to help our enviroment you just need to follow some advices or ecotips. Become a more environmentally friendly person.

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    • Eco News

      Ecocancun delivers the latest newsand information on the latest top eco stories, weather, eco solutions and more. 


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