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Explore the exotic and paradisiac places that lye hidden around Mayan Riviera jungle.

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Yaaj-Ximbal means difficult in Mayan language, wich is most likely what our ancestors had to go through when exploring the jungle.

Difficult becomes easy in the  full equiped 4x4 Suv's that will take you to several natural sactuaries and more than five underground rivers.

Flight inside an amazing cave in a unique zipline that will take you into a cavern, with spectacular geologic formations.Dive into the sacred wells of the Mayan culture and refresh yourself with cristaline water, or go deep snorkeling into the underground river.




  • Exclusive and unique adventure tour.
  • 4x4 confortable and safe suv's.
  • Zip line.
  • Sacred well snorkeling.


Itinerary - One Day Tour

Pick-up at your hotel in Cancun or Riviera Maya.


4 X 4 TOUR

Upon arrival at the tour, guests are greeted by our staff, which welcomes them, and while it is explained briefly the development of activities and necessary security measures for them, they are given to sign the release forms. Then, start the tour in a luxury 4x4, from which they can go and enjoy the lush landscape of local flora and fauna, as well as a visit to a semi closed cenote where they can go down for a walk, and they are given location information, and this also makes natural beauty of the landscape, providing an exhilarating experience and full of adrenaline, which will travel winding roads, pavements, with thrilling ups and downs. During this journey is explained to the guests part of the Mayan culture, with tales of local legends and anecdotes. Within the tour tells them the mysteries surrounding the Mayan culture. The whole journey takes place in an area of 3 km of dirt, with a total time of 2 hours.



At the end of the 4x4 tour, our staff delivers to customers the safety equipment required for the zip line tour, explaining its operation and safety instructions to jump the line. Then come up to the platform, and at that moment, began the great adventure, full of adrenaline and fun, pulling a line of 75 meters, passing over trees and vegetation, and with the option of using the zip line as often as customers want it, in one hour period.



At the end of the zip line tour, the staff delivers the guests the snorkeling gear, and they are taken to Cenote YUN HA, within which they will see countless fossils and relics of Mayan culture submerged in crystal waters. Also, they will observe formations of stalactites and stalagmites, which have thousands of years. YUN HA, is a closed cenote, with an underground river that connects it with many other cenotes. This tour will last 1.5 hours.

Finally, they will be brought to a palapa, where they will enjoy a delicious Mayan style buffet, offering style roast poc-chuc, pibil chicken, salad, beans, rice, corn handmade tortillas, soft drinks, bottled water and beer.



This tour includes:

  • Guides.
  • Equipment.
  • Transportation.
  • 4x4 tour/zip line and cavern tour.
  • Lunch.
  • (Tips are not included)

For the 4x4 Adventure Jungle Route we recommend to bring:

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Insect repellent. Hat. Swimsuit.
  • Long sleeve cotton shirt.
  • Long cotton pants.
  • Personal goods and sun blocker.


Weight Restriction: 120 kilograms or 240 pounds approx. Tour duration: 5.00 hrs without travel time. Maximum capacity: 60 people per shift Tips: comfortable shoes, bathing suit, towel, money.

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